The Benefits of the Invisible, Extended Wear Lyric Hearing Aid


People who suffer from hearing loss have long dreamed of being able to wear a hearing aid that’s completely invisible. Now, thanks to some cutting edge technology and a subscription-based service, Phonak’s Extended Wear Lyric hearing aid offers the first extended wear hearing device that’s completely invisible.

It’s hard to imagine that a tiny hearing aid is powerful enough to overcome hearing loss. But the Lyric hearing aid was built by a team of Phonak physicians, audiologists, and engineers with these three points in mind:

  1. The sound quality of a hearing aid improves with its proximity to the ear drum.
  2. People have been dissatisfied with their hearing aid options for decades.
  3. People with hearing loss want a hassle-free hearing solution.

How the Lyric Extended Wear Hearing Aid Works
Rather than waking up every morning and putting in a larger behind-the-ear or in-the-canal style hearing device, your audiologist will place the Lyric hearing aid deep inside your ear canal, approximately four millimeters from your ear drum. Once the hearing aid is in place, your ear doctor will adjust the settings and volume to fit your hearing needs. When all the adjustments have been made, you can wear the invisible hearing aid for up to a few months without taking it out.

It’s true that one Lyric hearing aid only lasts a few months–and its longevity depends on how long the battery lasts and what your individual ear conditions are like. So if you exercise frequently (and sweat while you’re doing it) or you just have a moist ear canal, your Lyric hearing aid might not last as long as you’d like.

To cut back on costs and offer added benefits, customers purchase a one-year subscription of Lyric hearing devices. When the hearing aid starts to wear out, it can be replaced with a new one during a routine audiologist visit. A Lyric subscription comes with free technology upgrades, so customers have access to the latest Lyric hearing aid technology when it comes available.

Lyric Technology Features

  • A soft foam seals the hearing aid to your ear canal, making it safe to wear 24/7 for months at a time.
  • Specially engineered coating technology protects the Lyric hearing device from moisture and earwax.
  • The battery is designed to last up to 120 days, which eliminates the cost and hassle of buying standard hearing aid batteries.
  • The sound processing system works millimeters from your eardrum, allowing microphone and receiver placement in the ear canal.
  • The outer ear works naturally to direct sound into your ears. Once it hits your ear canal, the Lyric hearing aid amplifies that sound near your ear drum. By using your natural anatomy, the Lyric hearing aid is able to improve directionality and localization, and it reduces feedback and wind noise.
  • The Lyric’s deep canal fitting improves the wearer’s ability to hear high-frequency sounds. This is a result of the hearing aid’s microphone being placed deep into the ear canal.
  • Lyric hearing aids minimize the occlusion effect, which is the blocked up sensation that some hearing aid wearers experience. This blocked up feeling happens when sound waves from a traditional hearing aid get trapped between the hearing device and the ear canal. Because it fits deep into your ear canal, the Lyric hearing device reduces the vibrations that cause the occlusion effect as compared to standard-length hearing aids.

The cost of a Lyric hearing aid subscription may vary according to your location and hearing needs–but it’s common for the price for one year’s worth of hearing aids is around $2400 per ear. Contact a local audiologist for more accurate pricing, information on how to pay for the hearing aids, and to learn if the Lyric extended wear hearing aid is right for you.